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Our Technicians are EGSA Certified, Factory Trained and Authorized to work on all makes and models for any of your Industrial and Commercial Generators, Transfer Switches and Fire Pump Engines.

We understand the importance of quickly bringing your backup power equipment into proper operating condition to avoid power outages. That is why we always review what your options are based on your needs and create the most economical solutions for your business!

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Repair Service:  When it comes to repair service, we have two types: Reactive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance. These two repair maintenances are handled differently because of the level of their urgency.  Reactive maintenance is an urgent repair that needs to be done immediately when there is an unexpected equipment breakdowns and system failures in an uncontrolled environment. Corrective maintenance is a milder repair found through a controlled environment by a diagnosis detected through either our preventative or predictive maintenance. We schedule a technician to rectify the overhaul and improve the longevity of your equipment’s and systems. With a corrective maintenance you protect your equipment’s and systems from any unexpected breakdowns and failures that could lead to a reactive maintenance or worse a power outage with an unresponsive power generator.

Part Replacement: When it comes to replacing damaged parts, we can either refurbish them or replace it with the same make and model of your power equipment or systems. Our access and ability to expedite parts is a priority in the service department for all of our mission-critical customers.

We can provide the following Generator Engine Repair or Replacements:

  • Battery(ies)
  • Belt(s)
  • Hose(s)
  • Coolant
  • Turbocharger
  • Water pump
  • Injector
  • Engine overhauls (in-frame)
  • Starter
  • Controller
  • Radiator
  • Head gasket
  • Air Filter
  • Fuel line
  • Fuel System
  • Bearing
  • Pump overhaul / rebuilding
  • Gasket
  • PCB

 Generator end

  • Voltage regulator
  • Main alternator (back end)
  • PCB


  • Submit repair and replacement report
We provide the following Transfer Switch Repair and Replacements:

  • Battery
  • Timer & Relay
  • Contactor
  • Controller
  • Complete Transfer Switch replacement


  • Submit repair and replacement report
We provide the following Fire Pump Repair and Replacement:

  • Battery
  • Belt
  • Internal Engine
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Pump /  Head(s) / Injector
  • Cooling System
  • Fuel System
  • Gasket


  • Submit repair and replacement report

We Repair All Makes & Models!

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Here are the most frequet questions we get on our Repair:

Repair FAQ

What are your qualifications?

All of Weld Power’s technicians are certified by the Electrical Generating Systems Association. This certifies that they are proficient in the installation, maintenance and repair of On-Site Power Generation Systems.

What if my generator goes down at 2:00am, will you be able to repair it?
All of our technicians carry a wide range of repair parts in their van in order to make minor repairs while onsite in an emergency in order to keep a generator online. At the very least we should be able to make an emergency repair to keep the unit online until a more permanent repair can be performed.  
Can you work on all types of generators?
Yes. Unlike our competitors, we do not specialize in just a single brand/ manufacture. We have the ability to work on & repair any make or model generator regardless of the manufacture or age.
What if my generator can’t be repaired?
Weld Power prides itself on being able to work around any obstacle when it comes to repairing an emergency generator by using alternative and outside of the box troubleshooting & repair efforts. There are very few instances that we would consider unrepairable.
Does the oil & filter need to be changed every year?
The manufacture recommends changing the oil & filters every 250 hours or at the one Year mark.

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