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Our Preventative Maintenance Programs maintain the reliability of your Generators, Transfer Switches & Fire Pump Engines to the highest levels.

We design customizable maintenance programs for your emergency power systems to help mitigate your day-to-day operational risks from equipment failures, power outages and unforeseen downtime costs that can cost your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Weld Power Generator puts an elevated priority on maintaining the highest level of reliability with your emergency power systems.  Our specialization in multi-site, medical and mission-critical facilities speaks highly of the caliber of service we provide.   We provide one of the most innovative and robust maintenance programs in our industry. One of our key services is our instant iPad reporting that generates accurate data and photographs collected during a visit to your facility. Our reports are immediately emailed to your facility managers in an organized and legible report. We store all reports generated by our company and they can be accessed at any time. Our maintenance program inspects and detects any or all worn components of your equipment and systems before they occur or before they develop into major failures. We make sure that your equipment is in the best possible operating condition, meets the industry standards and exceeds all National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) inspections. Weld Power Generator locations: 


  • MA Service Department & Corporate Headquarters:  1529 Grafton Road, Millbury, MA
  • NY Office & Rental Yard: 3927 Mulvey Avenue, Bronx, NY

Weld Power leads the independent service industry by focusing on service over sales.   With service as our core business, our technicians are the most important resource.   Weld Power holds the industry’s most innovative technicians and continuously supports them with the latest technology and advanced training. Our service technicians are factory trained and authorized for all makes and models of generators and transfer switch gear and are EGSA certified.   We carefully hand pick technicians to provide our customers with the most comprehensive fleet around.   Weld Power possesses the most experienced, knowledgeable and forward thinking technician fleet in the northeast.  Weld Power Generator provides a premium service at a cost-effective price. What makes us stand apart from the OEM’s is that our superior service does not mean higher prices for customers. In fact, most of our customers experience significant savings – as much as 20-25% by switching from the Manufacturer to Weld Power Generator. When disaster strikes, Weld Power stands alone in our ability to mobilize the region’s largest field technician force and in-house rental fleet in bringing resources to those areas most affected.  Customers who contract with us to service their generators across our entire coverage area value our ability to mobilize resources and commit to them in an emergency.  Our in-house rental fleet consists of 20kW – 2000kW along with a full range of rental transfer switches.

Additional Preventative Maintenance Services include:

 Group Your

Generator PM, ATS PM, Fire Pump PM, Load Bank Testing Fuel Polishing 


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Not sure why it's important to maintain your equipment regularly?

It can cost you 3 - 9 times more for unplanned maintenance.

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Data Centers  |  Commercial Buildings  |  Colleges  |  Universities  |  Hospitals  |  Supermarkets  |  Assisted Living  |  Shopping Malls |  Retailers   |   Transportation  | Outpatient Centers  |  Surgery Centers  |  Power Plants  |  Utilities  | Wastewater Plants  |  Hotels   |  Spas  | Grocery  |  Cable   |  Telecom |  Nursing Homes  |

Have questions? You're not alone.

Here are the most frequet questions we get on our Preventative Maintenance Services:

Preventative Maintenance FAQ

How often should a generator be serviced?
At a minimum a generator should be serviced by a professional at least once a year and the oil & filters changed during that time. However, Weld Power recommends that a generator be checked semi-annually or quarterly in order ensure the generator is being properly maintained and to be able to identify any issues prior to failure.
What’s the difference between a Level 2 Maintenance and a Level 1 Check?
Both services include our “22 point inspection” however during Level 2 Maintenance the oil, oil filter(s) & Fuel Filters (if applicable) are replaced.
Do you service all makes & models of Generators?
Weld Power’s technician fleet are factory authorized and certified for all makes and models of generators.
Do you service all makes & models of Automatic Transfer Switch?
Weld Power’s technician fleet are factory authorized and certified for all makes and models of transfer switches.
I can’t afford any interruption in power to the building during normal working hours; can this test be performed after-hours or late at night?
Yes. We service numerous critical care sites that cannot afford to interrupt daily operations. If testing needs to be performed after hours, we can accommodate
I am unsure what this Automatic Transfer Switch controls, is there a way to find out?
Yes. Weld Power can assist in determining what circuits are currently on the emergency side of the ATS. This will require shutting down power to the building and will require the assistance of an on-site electrician. Contact our office for more information.
How critical is Preventative Fire Pump Maintenance?
One of the most critical pieces of equipment in the building. Proper Preventative Fire Pump Maintenance of this equipment is vital to the safe operation of the fire suppression system.
What if problems are found during Preventative Fire Pump Maintenance Service?
Level 1 (Minor) repair will be completed on the spot, Level 2 (major) repairs will be quoted and completed ASAP.
What kind of reporting do we receive?
Our customers receive real time documentation of our service call inspections. Weld Power created an iPad application to create a one of a kind back-up power equipment reports. We interviewed hundreds of directors of operations, facility managers, and property managers and received feedback on what is appreciated and needed on these forms and we implemented it. We have been receiving phenomenal feedback on how well they suit individual site needs but most importantly the group regional contract needs. The easy readability along with the photographic evidence has made a really profound statement in the region. Our regional technician fleet is equipped with IPads, laptops and printers in their fully stocked vans.

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