Power Outage Contingency Plan (POCP)

Disaster Planning For Unexpected Power Outages & Blackouts!

Be Prepared When Disaster Strikes

Our Power Outage Contingency Plan is designed to explore, prepare and protect your business from unexpected power outages. 

We take alternative measures to maintain or restore your business operations back to normal by mitigating long term power interruptions, adverse impact on your business and the loss of revenue with customers.

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To minimize the impact on your business during a blackout caused by natural disasters, aging infrastructures, lack of maintenance or human made errors, we have created a comprehensive risk intervention and disaster recovery plan by implementing the following strategies to your Power Outage Contingency Plan: 1). Business Impact Analysis, 2). Risk Assessment and 3). Power Outage Restoration – site specific schematics  
By having this type of emergency preparation and business continuity blueprint in your business, you safeguard your operations when disaster strikes by mitigating any potential risks, service disruptions, loss of vital information, long term power interruptions, loss of revenue with customers.
The Business Impact Analysis is a systematic process conducted through a questionnaire that helps identify and examine critical business functions affected during a blackout or power outage. This analysis helps assess the intricacies and interdependencies between existing systems during catastrophic disasters and quantifies the adverse impact to the business. It examines the recovery time objectives (RTOs), recovery point objectives (RPOs) and resources needed to restore business back to normal working condition. We will take the following steps:

  • Collect and analyze information
  • Create a report
  • Present report to senior management
Risk Assessment helps measure the financial and nonfinancial impact associated to a power outage or blackout once a BIA has been conducted. A risk and reward matrix will be formulated to highlight the probability of an adverse impact to the business operations. We will than rank and establish critical applications and implement them as needed to continue business performance.
Our Power Outage Restoration Site-Specific Schematics (PORSSS) is a map that illustrates the general layout of your facility and highlights the following key information:

  • Electrical Distribution Panel
  • Standby Generator
  • Size of generator needed
  • Voltage
  • Cable lengths
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Fire Pump Engine
  • Fuel Tank

The PORSSS is essential as it provides a self-governing guidance when our technicians are onsite trying to restore your power during a power outage or blackout. It eliminates any dependency and reduces the duration of your power interruptions and loss of revenue with customers.   A complimentary service for all our new customers! Call us today to schedule your FREE PORSSS : 1800 288 6016

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Solutions to Prevent Equipment & Power Failures

Add the following services to your Standby Generators, ATS and Fire Pump Engines to mitigate risks that can lead to equipment failures or power outages:

Preventative Maintenance

Generator Maintenance  ATS Maintenance  Fire Pump Engine Maintenance  Fuel Polishing
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Predictive Maintenance

Load Bank Testing Infrared Thermal Inspection  Oil/Fuel/Coolant Analysis
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Load Bank Testing

A safe & controlled simulated power failure.

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Generator Repair 

ATS Repair  Fire Pump Engine Repair

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