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Generator Repair

How much will it cost to repair my generator?

Cost of repair varies depending on the nature of what needs to be performed. Weld Power supplies a formal typed estimate of what we believe to be the best course of action to repair your generator back to proper operating condition   

What are your qualifications?

All of Weld Power’s technicians are certified by the Electrical Generating Systems Association. This certifies that they are proficient in the installation, maintenance and repair of On-Site Power Generation Systems.

What if my generator goes down at 2:00am, will you be able to repair it?

All of our technicians carry a wide range of repair parts in their van in order to make minor repairs while onsite in an emergency in order to keep a generator online. At the very least we should be able to make an emergency repair to keep the unit online until a more permanent repair can be performed.  

Can you work on all types of generators?

Yes. Unlike our competitors, we do not specialize in just a single brand/ manufacture. We have the ability to work on & repair any make or model generator regardless of the manufacture or age.

Will you have to run the generator while onsite?

Yes. We prefer to run the generator upon arrival to ensure that the unit starts prior to any maintenance or repairs performed on it. Once the maintenance / repair are completed, we prefer to run the unit in order to ensure that the maintenance / repair were performed properly and that the unit starts prior to our technician leaving the site.

When should I change the coolant?

Weld Power tests the engine coolant for proper PH levels and freeze points at each visit however it is recommended that coolant be changed out at least every two years.

How often should I change out the batteries on the generator?

Per NFPA 110 (National Fire Protection Agency), batteries in emergency systems should be replaced every 24 to 30 months.

When should I consider replacing my generator?

The typical lifespan of a generator is 25-30 years. At around the 15-20 year mark it is recommended that a full in-frame overhaul of the engine be performed. This is the timeframe where a majority of failures with the engine occur resulting in costly repairs. By performing an overhaul of the engine and with the proper maintenance program tailored by Weld Power, it is not uncommon to see a generator last upwards of 40+ years.

 What if my generator can’t be repaired?

Weld Power prides itself on being able to work around any obstacle when it comes to repairing an emergency generator by using alternative and outside of the box troubleshooting & repair efforts. There are very few instances that we would consider unrepairable.

 My generator can’t be offline for any period of time, even for a repair, what can we do?

Certain instances / customers require an emergency generator to always be online, even during repair. In a case such as this we would offer to install a Towable Rental generator in place in order to provide emergency power to a facility while repairs to the existing generator are being made. We offer discounted day rates for occasions such as this.

What is a Generator repair?

A repair on your buildings emergency backup system that will leave your generator off line or unusable during the repair time. The down time of the unit depends on the repair, Parts availability and time needed for the Techs to complete the work.

Why repairs need to be completed?

Two types of repairs, 1st is a preventive maintenance repair. This type of repair is completed prior to any failures and most likely noticed during one of your generator inspections. 2nd type of repair is post failure. That means the malfunction caused the generator to stop working and needs to be corrected before the unit can be put back into service.

How long do the batteries last in my Generator?

The industry standard for the replacement of batteries is 24-36 months. While your battery life might be greater we recommend the replacement during the 24-36 month window. After that time frame the reliability drops and you might not have the starting power you need during an emergency.

Does the oil & filter need to be changed every year?

The manufacture recommends changing the oil & filters every 250 hours or at the one Year mark.

How often should my Emergency power system should be checked?

Weld Power can set up a program based on your needs. Two to Four times a year is what most customers have us do. That includes the Oil & Filter changes, full inspection, Running and testing of unit and needed paper work.

What repairs can your company complete?

Weld Power can repair all types of generators, Automatic Transfer Switches, Fuel Systems and all related items associated with your emergency Power System.  

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