FAQ: Rentals

Emergency Generator Rental

Emergency Generator Rental

Do you have rental generators if I need one?

Yes. We have numerous rental generators available at any given time ranging from 20KW all the way to 2000KW.

If I need a rental generator, how long would it take to get one out to my facility?

Time varies based on factors such as time of day / night and weather conditions, however we strive to have a rental generator onsite within 4 hours of notification of an emergency.

Do I need to have an electrician onsite to install?

You can elect to have your own electrician onsite; however Weld Power can perform a turn-key installation of rental generators in order to connect to the building.

How much does a rental generator cost?

Costs varies depending on size and difficulty of install. We can provide an individual estimate which will include the cost of the rental generator itself, associated cabling needed to tie into the building, delivery as well as the cost to install. Generators are usually priced on a weekly basis, however we do offer discounts for long term rental needs.

Who is responsible for fueling the rental generator?

A: All of our rental generators are sent out with a full tank of fuel. If the generator is to be used, it is the customer’s responsibility to coordinate fuel delivery. We can provide the name of a preferred fuel delivery vendor if needed. The fuel level of the rental generator also needs to be returned full to avoid any additional refueling charges.

What will the rental generator provide emergency backup power for?

The rental generator essentially takes the place of the existing backup generator. The rental generator will power whatever emergency circuits are currently on the facility’s existing emergency backup generator.

Do you have Automatic Transfer Switches for rent as well?

Yes. Weld Power has a various assortment of Rental ATS’ ranging from 200amp to 800amp at both 208 and 480 volts

Are your rentals readily available?

Yes. We have numerous rental units on standby at any given time. We have also partnered with multiple 3rd party vendors who have access to hundreds of pieces of rental equipment to ensure your needs are met. The only time rental units become limited is during a natural disaster such as an impending snow storm or hurricane as many facilities may decide to have units installed for precautionary measures. During these emergency situations, rental units are supplied on a first come, first serve basis.

How do I know your rental equipment has been maintained?

Weld Power keeps detailed records of all service / repairs performed on our rental equipment. We also perform annual load banking on all of our rental generators in addition to routine service.

If we have an issue with a piece of rental equipment, who do we call?

We are available 24hrs /day, 7 days/wk if you have any issues. If something cannot be resolved over the phone, we will dispatch a technician to the site day or night in order to resolve any issues that arise.

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